I’ve created short videos, animatics, animated slide decks, and screencasts. I’ve delivered long- and short-form screenplays, 2-column A/V scripts, comic-book format scripts, and storyboards.
  • Consulted on dialog and script structure of an online training video pilot project for a global software company.

  • Wrote, captured in-game video, and edited pre-release trailers for a video game produced by a global software company.

  • Based on the video game trailer work, hired to do an edit pass on the in-game dialog for character voice, and assisted in voiceover recording sessions for that dialog.

  • Scriptwriter on team producing a set of executive introduction videos for a global software company product launch.

  • Directed and co-wrote the latest video from local band, The Castaways.

Online / Social

I’m comfortable scaling content, editorial voice and cadences to a range of social media venues.
  • Created online messaging for four programs in the customer training department of a global software company. Overall, scheduled and produced over 75 discrete entries and articles over a six-month period.
  • Developed concepts for humorous Facebook entries for a mobile software system page, using the interface of the product itself to tell stories.


I’ve created content, voice, and structure for a variety of web-based projects.
  • Created bios for "guide" characters on a recruiting website for a global software company, based on department demographics and culture. then wrote and edited website content for character voice and humor.
  • At client's request, developed these characters into an ongoing webcomic, and wrote the scripts for the entire run of the series.

  • Developed the content for the website of the U.S. subsidiary of a global healthcare company to align thematically and visually with the global website, while still addressing the unique services and customer needs of the U.S. market. 

Project Management

I’ve led large matrixed teams, worked closely with small groups of clients and SMEs, and have been a one-person production house.
  • As a Program Manager with Microsoft's Mastering Series, led teams producing  award winning multi-media training titles. Wrote and maintained specs and schedules, and managed inhouse and freelance technical experts, writers, artists, and testers.

Fun Stuff

I’m constantly experimenting with new ways to create and deliver content. Especially jokes.


  • Co-host and -producer on the interview podcast The Artist Rolls, "a new perspective on creators and creating."
  • Write, perform, and animate [1] New Message, "a video podcast giving you a fun-sized dose of sci-fi comedy strangeness.

Writer / Director / Producer

  • Created a machinima production of Act V, scene ii of Hamlet, delivered in the video game Starcraft. 
  • Wrote five 90-minute comedy/variety shows for a local theater company. Set in a fictional 1930's radio station, each show is an evening of programming by the station, with a "wrapper" story about the cast and crew. I've also directed and acted in few of them. The shows and portions of the shows have also been performed at festivals and as "road shows" in other local theaters.

Public Speaker / Performer

Let's Talk

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