Video Scripting and Production

  • I wrote scripts and edited pre-release trailers for a video game produced by a global software company. Based on the trailer work, I was asked to do an edit pass on the in-game dialog for character voice, and assisted in voiceover recording sessions for that dialog.

  • I was the scriptwriter on the team producing a set of executive introduction videos for a global software company product launch.

Online and Social Media Messaging

  • I created online messaging for four programs in the customer training department of a global software company. Overall, I produced over 75 discrete entries and articles over a six-month period.

  • I developed concepts for humorous Facebook entries for a mobile software system page, using the interface of the product itself to tell stories.

Website Content Design and Creation

  • I created bios for characters on a recruiting website for a global software company, based on department demographics and culture. I then wrote and edited website content for character voice and humor

  • At the client's request, I developed these characters into an ongoing webcomic, and wrote the scripts for the entire run of the series.

  • I developed the content for the website of a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of a global emergency services/healthcare company to align thematically and visually with the global website, while still addressing the unique services and customer needs of the U.S. subsidiary. 

Project Management

  • As a Program Manager with Microsoft's Mastering Series, I led teams producing  award winning multi-media training titles. I wrote and maintained specs and schedules, and managed inhouse and freelance technical experts, writers, artists, and testers.
  • For each of the projects listed above, I provided my clients with a full draft/review schedule, incorporating usually at least three drafts (first, revised, final), and setting a specific schedule for review of each draft based on client/SME availability. When requested, I also handled communications and scheduling with any external resources.

Writer, Producer, Director

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